How We Started

~The Birth of Baruch's Beard Juice~
Baruch experienced having volume in his beard, however, he noticed that his beard lacked sheen and strength due to a dry and brittle mane. He also evaluated the condition of his skin and thought that if he could find a product that would eliminate  his beard and skin pitfalls that he would invest in it. He then conducted his own research on natural herbs and oils that would handle the issues he was dealing with. He carefully formulated a concoction that overall changed the texture and appearance of his beard. With this formula, he discovered not only strength, sheen, elasticity, and lack of breakage promoting essential hair growth, but also that his skin beneath his mane wasn't as flaky and dry as it was before. Often he was asked what product he was using and how could they purchase it. The lights were turned on and then Baruch realized he created liquid gold. Today that liquid gold is called , Baruch's Beard Juice.